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The diagnosis of pregnant mom diseases

Any doctor must examine the patient and, if necessary, an additional inspection, send a consultation with specialists to determine the diagnosis of the disease. 


Any doctor must be able to distinguish between situations where surgery is necessary, the case where the patient can use the drugs. All of this is taught in medical school, which must have successfully completed any doctor.

Homeopath – a doctor of any specialty (general practitioner, gynecologist, surgeon, etc.), which, by making all of the above and decided that the patient must medicine assigns it from the law of similarity and minimum dose. 


To do this, the physician should be familiar with the painful symptoms of a picture of each drug (in everyday practice at least 150 homeopathic medicines) and be able to see the picture of the patient (this homeopath learns 3 – 4 years in the homeopathic school, and then – in practice all life). 


Note here that the pattern of action of each drug includes not only a set of diagnoses (angina, infertility, cholecystitis), but symptoms (what the disease manifests itself externally) – as they describe the patient and the doctor sees them. Symptoms of each drug need to know “from head to toe” – from the mind and head to the extremities (hence it is understandable why the homeopath can not only interest in diseases of the ear, knowing nothing about the others).